Your Digital
Employment Passport

Healthdaq profile is a digital employment passport for healthcare professionals worldwide and is designed to accelerate and simplify their mobility between jobs and countries. 

Build your professional profile converting your CV/Resume into a digital presence. Upload professional certificates and create a digital persona to share with employers of your choice.

Discover the perfect healthcare job from the comfort of your home, apply with one click and track your application progress.

Accessible on any device, shareable to any other your Healthdaq account provides convenient, streamlined interaction between you and potential employers.

No matter the country, no matter the job, Healthdaq helps pave the way to your career goals.


Healthdaq Secure Wallet allows you to securely store digital copies of your documentation. Your profile will gain strength as you upload documents and provide your professional information highlighting your healthcare skills. Job offers will be and conveniently listed here when you are ready to accept.

Job Search/Management

Healthdaq account will help candidates manage their job search including updates from employers you follow, dedicated job alerts and reminders, job invites and employer's talent pool invitations.

Digital Profile

With one click Healthdaq will turn your information into an electronically generated profile adding documents from the wallet and will be presented to the employers you choose to engage with.

Free and easy to use

Start building your Healthfolio today!